Mozilla Plugin Privacy Database

Plugins ask for a lot of trust. By installing them, we give them access to significant amounts of information about us, both explicit and implicit. Unfortunately, not all plugins are forthcoming in how data about users is collected and used.

This project seeks to give more information about plugin data collection to more people. For more details about the testing methodology, see the release blog post.

How to Read Results

Tests attempt to exclude data sent on first install, such as one time welcome pages and pop ups. All data sent to Mozilla domains are also excluded, so any test results for Mozilla plugins should be considered invalid.

Each entry includes full traffic logs. In general, fewer data transmissions are better, though some plugins depend on network traffic to be useful. In such cases, it is important to evaluate the specific data being sent against the plugins stated purpose.

Furthermore, the tests do not include interacting with the plugin at this time. Data that might be sent when a plugin icon is clicked, or settings modified is not shown here - only data that is collected while browsing with the plugin installed.

The Test Database

The columns are searchable and sortable. Data may take a moment to load.

You can view the code used to generate this data on github.